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    Question Haynes Manual #24065

    I need more info on my 1991 chevy K1500 5.7 chapter 12-page 15,16,17 does not show the ESC module. Also chapter 6 page 18 tech 12. knock sensor and module check and replace....the last line in paragraph 4 says "If a voltage signal is not present, replace the knock sensor." Why would I replace the Knock Sensor? Shouldn't I replace the Electronic Spark Control Module?

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    Hi mater374,

    This is confusing, alright, because I checked the 1991 factory service manual and it shows the knock sensor wired directly to the PCM (terminal D5). However, on later models (I checked 1994), the ESC module figured into the circuit between the knock sensor and the PCM. Hmm . . .

    However, you can contact one of our tech service reps at 1-800-442-9637 and they can supply you with an alternate testing procedure. They'll be available until 3:00 PST.

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