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Thread: Ford 250 superduty, v10, dip stick removal

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    Default Ford 250 superduty, v10, dip stick removal

    I have a Fod 250 superduty with a broken dipstick tube (rusted off). It appears to go into the engine directly behind the exhaust manifild and the oil filter / cooler. I presume this filter/cooler assembly will be needed to be removed to just see the connection. It appears to be part of the motor. mount. I see nothing mentionedbout that in my manual and the reference to removing the oil filter assembly shows a different mounting that is on the V10

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    Hi phs,

    You didn't state what year your truck is, but I pulled a 2003 Ford factory service manual from our library and found the dipstick tube removal and installation procedure for the V10. You have to remove the left exhaust manifold, then you can access the dipstick tube bracket bolt and work the tube out of the block (which might be easier said than done, but they don't give any special instructions). Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure, using new o-rings, of course. The torque for the dipstick tube bracket bolt is 89 inch-pounds (NOT foot-pounds! You'd be surprised at how many people don't know the difference).

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