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Thread: 93 GMC Sierra. HELP!!

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    Default 93 GMC Sierra. HELP!!

    93 gmc sierra 15005.7 350 extended cab automatic. Stalling when i stop or slow to turn, also running rough ie. bogging down, acting like it is not getting gas, have to put the pedal to the floor for it to get up and go. when it finally does get going it shifts late and hard. Check engine codes came up as o2 sensor, fuel pump relay, and electric spark timing sensor. How man O2 sensors do i have and where are they located? What is the electric spark timing sensor? And is there anything els that may be going on? I hve already done plugs, cap, and wires. Replaced the fuel pump an throttle positioning sensor.

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    We can't diagnose problems from a remote location, but you can find the answers to most of those questions in Haynes manual 24065, which might take care of all of your driveability issues. You should be able to find one at an auto parts store near you, or you can order one from this website.

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    I would check the timing to start. The book will tell you where all that stuff is. You can also check you tube on how to change the 02 sensor and others. Its very helpful check it out.

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