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Thread: 2001 passat timing belt tensioner

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    Default 2001 passat timing belt tensioner

    the timing belt tensioner on my passat is a little different than what is shown in my Haynes manual. the manual shows one with an "adjustment bolt". the one on my car is much simpler, essentially just a pulley with an offset mounting bolt. there is a fork that comes off the pulley and rests atop a rod which sets in the same location where the manual says a spring should be. I am 99.9% sure that this is the original factory set up. to get the belt off, I just removed the tensioner by removing the offset mounting bolt. but I need to release the tensioner to get the new belt on, and then I assume I will have to adjust the tension once the new belt is on..
    any help?
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    sclaark - What engine are you working with?

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