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Thread: Glow plug fuse(burn)

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    Default Glow plug fuse(burn)

    Manual#10330, Ok I have a 96 350 ford diesel 7.3 turbo. OK started truck Sunday, ran for about 5 min. and stoped 30 amp fuse burt, replaced. Ran find Monday and Tuesday, started truck today ran for about 10 min than stoped fuse burt again, replaced and burt right away. Not sure if glow plugs or a relay, or something else.

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    Hi TBrown,

    We really can't diagnose problems from a remote location (especially electrical and driveability ones).
    The glow plug relay is protected by a combination of fusible links and a 30A fuse (fuse no. 22). That fuse also serves the fuel line heater and the PCM power relay. There is another 30A fuse (no. 8), and that one serves the injector driver module relay.

    About the only thing I can tell you is to check for the presence of trouble codes, and inspect the injector and glow plug wiring harnesses carefully. Unfortunately, portions of those harnesses run under the valve covers.

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