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Thread: 1991 bmw 318i m4o saloon rattling

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    Question 1991 bmw 318i m4o saloon rattling

    can someone please help?
    i have recently bought a 1991 bmw 318i m40 saloon & on 1st starting it sounds great but after a few minutes the engine gets a loud knocking & engine dips before revving up on throttle, then after another few minutes it goes again.
    a friend said it could be the oilpump or tappits? but i dont think its coming from top-end? it has the correct amount of oil in it but if you take oil filler cap off when engine is running no oil can be seen splashing about inside? please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
    manyy thanks in advance. paul.

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    beemer - It would be a good idea to check your oil pressure and see what it is. Look in your Haynes manual that you purchased and it will tell you what it should be. If you hear the noise from the top more than the btoom it could be the tappits.

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