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Thread: Volvo Rear Brakes

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    Default Volvo Rear Brakes

    My daughters 2005 Volvo S40 needs rear brake pads. Although I have done some brakes, I was not familiar with the caliper bolt on this car. Instead of a bolt head, there was some type of hex fitting encased in a rubber cap. Does anyone know what type and size tool I need to remove these bolts? Also, when the caliper is off, can I depress the piston using a C type clamp or do I need a tool to rotate the piston in ( like my wife's Beetle ). I could not find a manual for sale on your site for this car. Maybe I should leave this type of work to the pros?

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    dobczeman - Haynes has not made a manual for the S series so we don't have any information to assist you with. Most caliper pins use a 7mm hex socket.

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