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Thread: 2000 Olds Alero - Overheating/Coolant Leaking

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    Exclamation 2000 Olds Alero - Overheating/Coolant Leaking

    While driving the Alero, my son told me it reported an overheat error and then the coolant seems to have dumped from the engine. There was coolant all over the front right side of the engine compartment. After some inspection it appears that a rigid hose came out of a rubber boot that attached the hose to the top right of the engine block. In the Haynes manual, I can find the nipple the boot attached to in figure 4.7 (page 2C-3) on the far right and a picture of the hose and boot still attached in figure 7.8 (Page 2C-6) at the far right. The hose is visible and most of the boot is at the bottom of the picture. The hose appears to have pushed itself out of the boot and spewed all the coolant out. I am not familiar with this part of the engine and don't know what this hose/boot is called. Obviously it is part of the coolant system, but I can seem to find anything that relates directly to that part or how to ensure it is working properly. The car has lost all of its coolant and I am looking for suggestions at to why the hose came out and also how to get coolant back into the system in case it is gone from the engine entirely. Hoping for good news.

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    Hi martinqc,

    Well, I think what you're referring to is simply a bypass or heater hose. If the hose clamp broke or lost its tension, the hose could be blown off the pipe when the cooling system pressure builds up (as the engine gets warm). You might need to replace the hose, too. Before doing so, clean the fitting of all corrosion (use sandpaper if it's real bad).
    To refill the cooling system, see Chapter 1, Section 25.

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