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Thread: 1985 celeberty not geting fuel

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    Angry 1985 celeberty not geting fuel

    this is a job some one else has done the car terns over? some one else has changed the fuel pump in the tank can hear it starting when u start the car but no fuel comes out? hav changed the plugs roter distribter cap, relay, spak plug wire was rusty so changed em, ut still not geting no gas coming from tank? grr some one help some one have a nice strong shot gun or bigger gun o put this car out of mizzery.LOL. I hate working on a car after some one workd on it befor you? dont know hwat they done or did to it?:

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    pjays huletun - Use your Haynes manual and verify that you are getting proper pressure when the key is turned to ON position (use Chapter 4).
    You may only be getting the initial prime from the pump and then its shutting off. This is usually caused by the oil pressure sending unit. If proper oil pressure is not reached during the first few seconds of cranking the oil pressure sending unit does not complete the ground circuit to the pump shutting it off to protect the engine. The pressure may be fine, but a bad sending unit will cause the no start.

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