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    I have manual #24071 for the GM S Series pickups/suvs. Mine is copyrighted 2005, but I noticed in an auto parts store that there's a more recent edition copyrighted 2008. I was wondering if you confirm that there is enough new information in the later edition that it's worth upgrading? Thanks.

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    Hi Firebird14,

    How have you been? Good, I hope.

    If your truck is covered by the manual you have, then the information in your book will pertain to your truck. When a manual is updated, information on the later years that are incorporated into the book is added. Also, if we discover something that needs to be amended, or a service bulletin has been issued, those things will be incorporated into the manual, too. So, off the top of my head, I can't tell you exactly what might be different in the later editions, but I'm sure your manual is adequate for your truck.

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    Thanks, Admin, I've been good. Glad to see you guys remembered me. I love your manuals and read them all the time..keep up the good work.

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