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Thread: MG ZR 160 Timing Problems

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    Default MG ZR 160 Timing Problems

    Hi guys I've recently done the head gasket on my mates MG everything went according to plan until everything was back together and the car was fired up, it started first time no problem but was slightly out so the timing was checked and all was well however its still missing and upon inspection plug 3 & 4 don't see, to be firing so we took the coils from another witch we know work yet still have the same outcome. So please can you help out in anyway? any advice would be a great help thanks Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    We really can't diagnose problems from a remote location, but there's another issue - here in the states we don't have that vehicle, nor do we have any information on it. Additionally, I don't think our UK division has a manual for that vehicle.

    You could check the coils on those cylinders with a spark tester to make sure they are operating.

    Have you checked for the presence of any stored trouble codes? That might get you started in the right direction.

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