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Thread: Aftermarket Bulb

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    Default Aftermarket Bulb

    I have a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T and was wondering if you can install a aftermarket bulb white light xenon on the healight system, th dealer has advised me that it could melt the harness, its you own decision.

    Kindy advise what one should do.



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    Hi Yas,

    In situations like this it is always good to follow the dealers advice. If you go against their advice any warranty related will be denied. We do not have any information regarding the temperature your harness melts at so it is best to listen to the dealer on this one.

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    What you want to look for, is the wattage at which bulbs runs. Many manufaturers use a higher watt, than originally designed for the vehicle, bulb to give it a brighter look. That usually is what causes the melt downs in the harnesses. If you decide to do it try to stay with the same wattage as the original bulb. CARQUEST Auto Parts offers TruView by Wagner those will give you a brighter look without the damaging siedeffects as the Xenon gas bulbs. You might also want to look at the SilverStar, CARQUEST can order them but does not stock them.
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