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Thread: 2002 mazda 626

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    Angry 2002 mazda 626

    I try to replace the timing belt on my 2002 Mazda 626, due to the timing belt brook on the road. can anyone tell me where is the timing mark on the crank shaft> and how to set the timing on it? (how the marks line up?)

    My email is chheychethchhea@gmai.com

    Your help will be hug appreciated.


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    Hi khaven,

    You can find that information in Haynes manual no. 61042, Chapter 2A (four-cylinder engine) or 2B (V6 engine). You didn't say what engine your car has, but if it is a four-cylinder engine, chances are you have some bent valves as well (it is an "interference" engine, in which valve-to-piston contact is likely in the event of a broken timing belt).

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