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Thread: haynes repair manual 24081 2000 chevy express 1500 drums stuck

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    Default haynes repair manual 24081 2000 chevy express 1500 drums stuck

    purchased haynes repair manual 24081
    2000 chevy express 1500... rear drum brakes

    drum stuck.......instructions to remove ....page 9-6 not accurate
    2 access slots on upper part of backing plate along edge

    drum seams to be part of center hub cover with a hole in the middle.

    How do i remove drum?

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    Hi wmcraw,

    The shoe retraction procedure is only necessary if you can separate the drum from the axle flange, but can't remove it because the shoes have worn a slight ridge into the drum's inner surface. Your van uses duo-servo drum brakes and has an adjuster screw between the bottom of each shoe, so there should be an access hole at the bottom of the backing plate. Sometimes it's covered by a rubber plug, but on some models it's covered by a metal "slug" that has to be knocked out with a hammer and punch (when you reassemble the brake you would install a rubber plug). Also, you can try relieving the parking brake adjuster by removing the kick panel over the parking brake pedal assembly, pulling on the cable until you can insert a pin (a nail or Allen wrench will work) into the hole in the pedal and the adjuster drum behind it.

    If the drum is frozen to the axle flange, you'll have to soak the hub area and wheel studs with penetrating oil and allow it to soak in for awhile. You might even have to use a brass hammer to knock it free. Be careful though, because it's easy to chip the cast iron.

    If you need further help, contact one of our tech service reps at 1-800-442-9637.

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