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Thread: Repair speed odometer

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    Default Repair speed odometer

    My dad has a 2002 Town & Country minivan and the speed odometer has quit working. How does he fix this? The Haynes manual does not talk about fixing speed odometers.

    Thank You

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    Hi Debbie,

    No, we don't get into repair of the instrument cluster and associated parts of it. On modern Chrysler products, the speedometer is way more complex than speedometers of old - they are more like a computer and control many functions. One thing you CAN so is to check for the presence of trouble codes stored in the Powertrain Control Module. But if the speedometer works and the odometer does not, chances are it is an internal problem with the instrument cluster. For something like this it would be wise to have the diagnosis performed by a professional. Or, you could price one out at a wrecking yard. You'd still have to have the unit programmed by a dealer service department or other shop with the proper scan tool.

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    I think you should take the help of some experts in you town. They will tell you the better.
    Because if you want help from the forum then you have to took pictures of your parts which
    you want to do fix. Without it is very difficult to understand the problem. So with the picture
    we can understand better and we will post our best solutions for your problem.

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