What would be the most popular classical car (that will remain such in 10+ years)?

What classic cars (that i can buy now in very bad driving/non driving condition for under $1500) are popular this day's so i can sell it after restoring it for good money?

On the long run i dont want to jump from car to car i'd rather become expert on certain classical car, so that i know every bolt in it and could fix it fast (with closed eyes if needed) and sell, rather than new car each time.
(It can be two-three cars later but not now. I know most people think its not good idea, but think yourself even though all cars are the same generally all of them have unique things about them even the way hose's mounted and type of bolts used etc it takes time to understand all that and take apart car without breaking something. and if you know what parts to buy and where you save lots of time too)

In the price range I kind of like Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet El Camino (and pickups on sedan base alike it).
Also i am sure old trucks like red one on the banner of this site are popular, can you give me few most popular ones?

On other note i think restored old BMW like E30 or slightly older is going to sell for much less than El Camino of same year am i right?