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Thread: 02 dodge cummins

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    I am looking at getting a haynes manual for my 2002 dodge cummins. The problem is the books are set up 99 to 01 and 02 to 09. The 99 - 02 have the same motor, fuel system and everything where as the 03 has a different fuel system. Also the body types to include the dash, and everything are different from 02 to 03. Do you kinda see my problem here? I want a book, I have had one for every vehicle I have ever owned. Just lost on which one I should get.

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    Hi 02cummins,

    This occurred because the 1500 pickup got its remodel in '02, but the 2500/3500 had to wait a year, so in 2002 there were actually two different generations of Dodge trucks. For your purposes, though, I'd have to say that the earlier manual (30041) would be the appropriate manual for your truck.

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