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Thread: 2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine timing chain

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    Default 2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine timing chain

    after following the procedure in Haynes manual 25026 page 2A-7 I cannot seem to get the markings to line up like the manual says. I found top dead center on no. 1 cylinder, then turned crankshaft until the mark on the crank sproket lines up with the mark on the oil pump. The two cam sprockets seem to be 180 degrees off. I tried twice and got the same thing twice. The car was running okay when I took it apart but the engine would get noisy and sound like a sewing machine after about ten minutes. The sprocket markings or timing chain colored links do not line up. Have you got any info about this?

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    Hi zipdaddy,

    If your crankshaft sprocket mark is aligned with the oil pump but the marks on the cam sprockets are 180-degrees off, you're not on the compression stroke (it's on the exhaust stroke). You have to turn the crank one more revolution and realign the mark, then your cams will be in the proper position as shown in illustrations 7.12b and 7.12c.

    Also, I should state that it could take MANY revolutions of the engine to line up the marks AND the links. The links are primarily there for reassembly. The information in the book isn't wrong, but to avoid turning that engine over until you're worn-out, keep that in mind.

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