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Thread: Replacement of blower motor in 98 Durango

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    Default Replacement of blower motor in 98 Durango

    I just replaced the blower motor in my 98 durango. I replaced the relay, resistor, and the blower. The new blower will only come on when it is first spun by hand. Otherwise it won't run at all. I have 12 volts power from the switch to the motor when testing. The motor acts like it needs a capacitor since it comes on when you spin it by hand, but there is no place for a capacitor to plug onto the motor, and there is no mention in the manual of one for it. Could we have just gotten a bad motor from the parts store, or am I missing something else here?

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    Hello Larry Yandle,

    This sounds a bit odd... but as we all know, odd things happen when it comes to moving parts. The blower motor fan should move freely when moved by hand. If there is any resistance, it could indicate a problem. Refer to Section 8 in Chapter 3 and check the blower motor circuit. There is also a procedure to bypass the control circuit to test the blower motor. The motor could be faulty.

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