Is there an index of the various editions/revisions and copyright dates or ISBN numbers for the various manuals along with a brief description of updates, changes, or corrections that were made since the previous edition? It would be helpful to know if the manual you have or are considering purchasing is the most current edition. Also, things to look for to identify what edition you're looking at in the event you can't see the title page (such as when shopping from an online retailer); perhaps a different cover picture from one edition to the next? Also, is there any way to determine if you're looking at a US edition or some foreign edition (if there is one)?

In particular, I'm trying to make sure the AC/Heating manual I'm interested in buying is the most current edition. A picture from an edition circa 2000 looks just like the one I saw on the shelf (in shrink wrap) at the parts store this afternoon....But an edition that looks to be distributed in the UK circa 2006 has a completely different cover and slightly different name (no mention of heating)

There is a slightly similar question in:

Additionally, it would be great if the index suggested included a calendar of planned new edition releases for a manual (if there are any). I don't expect a new manual to come out for a 1977 Chevy Nova, but it's reasonable to expect there will be updates to the manual for something like a 2008 Charger.