good day to all haynes techs, i have manual 92007 and i'm in need of your infinite wisdom here. im going to be replacing my trans pan gasket and filter. your manual states that the torque on the pan bolts is 43 inch lbs. i bought all new bolts at the dealer since most of mine were rusted on the heads of them and i wanted a good torque reading with new bolts. the property class markings on the bolt heads are 2 dots, nothing more, which according to the parts guy said it means the same as the radial lines, so the bolt is a 6T grade M6 x 1.0 bolt with a washer. the factory manual says these bolts have a range of 69-78 inch lbs, far exceeding the 43 inch lbs in your manual. am i missing something here? he also said that the fiber gaskets can take more torque than those plain black rubber gaskets, which is why the torque is higher. would u be able to clarify any of this for me? i'm torn between which spec to use. or i guess i could just torque to lowest setting and if it leaks just tighten the bolts up more till the leak is gone. your reply is much appreciated