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Thread: ghost in the dash..

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    Default ghost in the dash..

    We have a 1996 Buick Lasaer .. 6 cyl

    The main blower fan for the AC still runs when the car is off..

    Had to unplug the blower at the firewall under the hood..

    Where do I start looking to find the "short" that would keep the blower on...


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    Hi carter2454,

    If your heater/air conditioning system is a manual system, the problem could be the high-speed blower relay - it gets its voltage from a fuse in the underhood fuse block that's "hot" at all times (not switched off by the ignition). If it's an automatic climate control system, the problem could be with the blower control module, which is also hot at all times.

    The relay is a five-terminal relay located in the engine compartment. The blower control module is located near the underhood fuse block.

    Keep in mind that electrical parts can't be returned once purchased.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for your interest in Haynes manuals.

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