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Thread: 1991 toyota camry AC clutch test

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    Unhappy 1991 toyota camry AC clutch test

    I am disable vet and its a little hard fixing my car but here goes . car has 98k miles 4 banger
    My a/c stopped working and I push the ac button the ac button light up green and stays that way . I checked the clutch for 12v and no voltage to it.
    Is there a way to to ohm out the ac clutch ?
    I tested fuses all ok .
    I tried to put 12v right to ac clutch from the battery nothing happened I heard no click.
    The car also does not idle up when the ac is on.
    Is it possible the ac clutch shorted out taking out the system?
    I thought if the ac had a problem the grenn light would light.
    I have a haynes for the car and it says fixing the ac is beyond the scope of repair .

    Any idea?

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    Hello ncrdisabled,

    The system is designed not to engage if the refrigerent charge is too low. This may be your case although we cannot be certain because testing is necessary. It might be best to get a diagnosis from a professional and decide if there is something on your system that you could repair at home.

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