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    i have a 1996 nissan pathfinder LE. I was trying to get on the highway yesterday and began to accelerate the car started to sputter and eventually died. i replaced the TPS. after replacing that i started the car and it idled fine, but when i pressed the accelerator quickly the car would die. i would start it again and repeat acceleration and it would die. today i pulled the MAF sensor and cleaned it after doing that it seems the quick depressing of the gas peddle and dieing have stopped but the check engine light has now come on and after driving it, when i press the accelerator the car seems to pick up in first gear but when it switches to second gear there is no pick up at all, the rpm's (slowly) go up but doesn't accelerate. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Hi calm,

    Check to see if any trouble codes are stored in the computer first - if there are any, that will get you started on the right diagnostic path (go to Chapter 6, Section 2). Also check the fuel pressure (chapter 4) and check to see if the exhaust system is restricted (Chapter 6, Section 22).

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