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Thread: 96 dodge 3500 fuel problem v10

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    Exclamation 96 dodge 3500 fuel problem v10

    I have 96 dodge ram 3500 dually with v10, truck sometimes has oroblemsvstarting, other times not. When I drive it, it will run fine, then it will start to loose power choke out and eventually die. If I let it cool down for 5-10 mins I can fire it back up and continue..until the next few miles. I had someone tow me, put tranny in neutral...and had it running during tow...the rpms would spike irradically as if I was stomping on accelerator. No check engine ligh, plugged snap on scanner in, no codes stored.. pressure seems to read steady ? Help symptoms are so irradict and odd for how it's running I have no idea where to even begin ...

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    Hi Turner,

    Oooh, I hate intermittent problems! What you'll have to do is check to see what you're missing the next time the problem occurs - spark or fuel pressure. There's an ignition system check in Chapter 5 of your manual (Section 6).

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