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Thread: 01 Pontiac Sunfire Oil Pan Removal

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    Default 01 Pontiac Sunfire Oil Pan Removal

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    I need some help. I'm no expert at this. I thought it would be easy to take a oil pan off so I can replace the gasket.
    When reading the online manual for my car to remove the oil pan, it instructs to....

    5 On air-conditioned models, remove the air conditioner brace at the starter and compressor bracket. [What's it look like and where is it located?!?!?]

    6 Remove the starter and bracket (see Chapter 5 ). [What's it look like and where is it located?!?!?]

    7 Remove the flywheel/driveplate inspection cover (see Chapter 7 ). [The link to chapter 7 is broken. More importantly, what's it look like?!?!?]

    8 Remove the engine mount strut and remove the support bolts from the engine mount strut bracket. Lower the bracket slightly to gain clearance for oil pan removal.

    9 Remove the oil filter extension (automatic transaxle equipped models only).

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    Hi Mr. D.I.M.,

    It's quite possible that not all models will be equipped with an air conditioning compressor brace, but if there is a bracket that will be in the way of starter removal, you'll see it.
    Starter removal is covered in chapter 5, and it addresses all engines in the vehicles covered by the manual. In that procedure it also shows the flywheel/driveplate cover. It also says "on models so equipped," so some models might not be equipped with one. My link to chapter 7 worked, but I do believe the reference should be eliminated, as it is shown in Chapter 5 instead.

    You can call one of our tech service reps at 805-498-6703 and they'll do what they can to help.

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