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Thread: I can't find a Haynes manual for my car... why is that?

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    Default I can't find a Haynes manual for my car... why is that?

    My boyfriend has been checking all the autoparts stores and no one has it. I deceided I will just order it on line. Problem here is my cars year is missing. So in that case which book would I buy?? My car is a 2002 Mazda 626 LX. That is not coming up on anything I search. Mazda 6 does and Mazda 626 2001 does. (I think. I can't remember I have been looking so long)

    Can you tell me where I can by one for my years car. If not what one do you recommend.

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    Hi Bridgett,

    Our Mazda 626 manual would probably work for your car, as it is the last year of that vehicle's production run and likely no changes were made between '01 and '02. However, we really can't recommend a manual for a vehicle when the research for it has not been done. You should contact Bishko Automobile Literature at 1-800-544-3312 or www.repairmanual.com - they might have a manual on a 1992 626.

    Thanks for checking with us, though.

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