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Thread: setting timing on 1996 Maxima after replacing water pump

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    Default setting timing on 1996 Maxima after replacing water pump

    I am having trouble setting the timing on 1996 Nissan Maxima with a 3.0L
    Have tried to do it according to manual now get a ticking noise while cranking and no start
    Definitely sounds like timing off but how do i set the tensioner and chain properly?

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    Did you retract the main timing belt tension, insert a pin in the hole to hold it there, then turn the crankshaft 20-degrees counterclockwise to produce slack in the chain around the water pump? Then after everything was put back together, did you remember to remove the pin holding the tensioner in the retracted position? If that was done, valve timing should not have been affected, but obviously something went wrong. You might want to take a look in Chapter 2B, Section 7 to verify that all of your timing marks are lined up.
    Also, you can give one of our tech service reps a call and they will do what they can to help. The number is on the last page of the manual, at the bottom.

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