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Thread: 1994 kawasaki en500 manual mistake

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    Default 1994 kawasaki en500 manual mistake

    i have bad compression in one cylinder so i was removing the whole top end to see why
    on page 2-9 of manual 2053 section 9 it states;
    1. remove the valve cover
    2 remove camshaft chain tensioner
    3 turn the engine to position no.2 cylinder at TDC compression.
    upon turning the crank shaft the chain popped lose and the tensioner was not supposed to be removed.
    now my valves are out of alignment and im wondering if it would be easy to take them out and install them in the right position.

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    Hi Rudy,

    If you turned the crankshaft clockwise that shouldn't have happened, but apparently it did. Since you're going to be removing the top end anyway, you're going to be removing the camshafts too, and when you put everything back together you'll be lining up all of the timing marks to get your cam timing set right.

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    thanks, maybe i did, i just came across a shop manual that said to not turn it at all. but those can be somewhat vague and expect you to do that as a living.
    unfortunately i may have done more damage than i needed removing the water propeller cover, by trying removing the oil seal first.
    now the rod going into the crank case moves a bit in and out.
    i found out what was causing the low compression, a ring was bad. now i need to find out why that top ring is compressed/stuck inside the slot, or if it was shaved down.
    cylinder wall looks fine though. time to go through the inspection parts of the book. then hopefully not take a beating on buying gaskets.

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