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    Unhappy Help!!

    My 1989 Nissan 4x4 pickup does not light up [ one head light works ] I've checked all fuses, and bulbs. Not one bad bulb or fuse. I have you're repair manual, just not sure how to read the diagrams. Can anyone help me?
    M Driv326

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    Hi Mason,

    Have you checked for power to the inoperative headlights using a test light? That's where you should start, then work back towards the switch. The switch is fed power by two wires from the fuse block (one red, the other red/white, each protected by a 15 amp fuse). If you do have power to the lights, then there must be an open circuit condition on the ground side of the circuit. Also, in Chapter 13 Section 6, there's a continuity chart for the headlight switch (illustration 6.3e).

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    Thank you I'll give it a check, and get back to you
    M Driv326

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