After sitting 14 1/2 hours from the last 25 minute trip my car will not start. The battery was checked and the water level was low so it was filled and trickle charged and it reads like new. The battery was installed 05/09. I visually checked all related fuses and all visually appear to be ok. The car sounds like it is going to start, but when you turn the key back it is quiet. Starting fluid was also tried and still after 8-9 burst no luck. I am checking the EFI relay in the engine fuse box and I understand there is another relay behind the glove box. I see 2 screw on the top which I removed and no other screws visable. I will check in the am to see if I have to get on my head under the dash for more screws as there does not seem to be any more visually or by feeling around the inside. The Spark plugs are sparking and a neighbor that is a body mechanic mostly, but also works on cars assures me that the starter is not the answer as it is turning. When the key is turned I do NOT hear the little motor sound that I hear for about 4 seconds which I understand is the fuel pump. I understand the fuel pump is located under the rear seat on the gas tank side. I also understand it could be the ignition coil or distributor. The car has 122,000 miles and it had most of the engine replaced in 1992 after and accident , but in 1993 the owner died and it sat for 6 years. I changed the fluids and installed a new battery and it started like a champion. Any comments or suggestions as to how to proceed. I was told start smaller wit the relays and work your way up to the fuel pump. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Naturally on a tight budget which is why I am tryhing on my own first. Thanks