I worked for ASI in Louisville back in 79 to 82 I was a warrenty repair tech and one of the car radios I repaired were the delorean radios I got to drive one in testing the radio and the new power antenna. The company went bankrupt and at the auction I bought 1 of the Delorean radios and power antenna which I still have today. I had a chance to buy one of the 3 deloreans for 10k and they had less than 5k miles.

I also owned a 1971 duster with a 340 6 pack I totaled the car in a race with a cop I am sorry that I did not buy a replacement for it back then I could have gotten one for 4k and used my engine form the totaled car . I bought a polara 400 4 barrel and was good to me I wish I still had any one of there cars.