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Thread: 1991 toyota camry dx 4cyl non abs brake line repair

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    Default 1991 toyota camry dx 4cyl non abs brake line repair

    I have the HAYNES for my 1991 toyota camry but it does not say how to remove the clips that hold the brake lines in and it does not tell how to replace the brake line from the master cyl to the passenger side wheel and how to bend the lines .
    I am disabled so it makes it more of a challenge but I really need this info.

    Any help?

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    Hi ncr,

    Unfortunately the Toyota factory service manual doesn't show what kind of clips the brake lines are held by. I looked at a friend's Corolla and the lines were retained by brackets with plastic inserts, but that was a later model than yours, so I'm just not sure.

    As far as installing a replacement line, you might be better off buying a genuine Toyota part, as it will probably already be the right shape. If not, though, you'll have to use a tubing bender to avoid kinking the line.

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