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Thread: Audi A4 Clutch Interlock

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    On a 1996 Audi A4 Quattro, I am using the manual 96023. On pages 12-20 to 12-28, I cannot seem to find the starter motor and wiring. I am having trouble with the clutch interlock switch, and that is on page 12-22. It goes in to pin C/2 on the central locking control module.I would think that it drives a relay somewhere, and is in series with the ignition switch start position (on the ignition switch, terminal 30 and 50b, according to page 12-6), However, wherever I find the ignition switch in the diagrams (pgs 12-20, 12-21, 12-22,12-24,12-25,12-26, 12-27 and 12-28) terminal 50b is not shown connected. It is hard to find what I think may be a relay without this information.

    Any Hints?

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    Hello Michael Maliga,

    Have you tested the switch exclusively? Further outputs in that circuit (manual transmissions) appear to be handled by the Central Locking Control Module itself. If the switch tests ok, then check the continuity of the circuit to and from the module.

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