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Thread: additional danger, engine fires?

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    Default additional danger, engine fires?

    several years ago, I think it was in an early 1990's Range Rover manual, I recall seeing a warning about touching hoses and belts that had bubbled after being burnt in an engine fire , I can't seem to find a reference to this in later manuals The warning made reference to a chemical contained in the rubber that caused a degenerative skin/flesh condition.
    Is it possible for you to post this warning?
    My current Haynes manual makes no reference to this nasty .

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    Hi plexus928,

    What you're referring to is hydroflouric acid - a byproduct of certain types of rubber components after being burned. You can do a Google search to learn about the medical aspects of it. Yes, apparently it can be very nasty.

    The warning in the manuals doesn't really expound on anything more than the fact that it is a potential danger, and that it isn't a good thing!

    All of the recent Haynes manuals contain a warning to this effect, but since we're not physicians, we don't get into the pathology of it. We just give you a heads up to stay away from any burned rubber, just in case. The warning is contained in the "Safety First" section of the manual, near the front of the book.

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