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Thread: '07 Lincoln MKX AWD leaking grease underneath.

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    Default '07 Lincoln MKX AWD leaking grease underneath.

    I would like to know where the grease is coming from. I believe it is coming from what looks like a wheel tensioner, it does move(slips) about an axis The leak is not coming from the oil plug or the oil filter. The location from the bumper is engine/transmission then the wheel thing along the centerline of the car. I do not think I can repair it given the location but I would like to know what this is so that I can call around the shops to see where I can get a deal. Can anyone help me? Also the engine and transmission underneath is clean, No oil or grase stains.

    Wise Guy

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    Hello Wise Guy,

    Unfortunately, we don't have a Haynes manual for your vehicle. Based upon what you've written, it sounds like you need a professional opinion from someone who can inspect your vehicle.

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