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Thread: 2009 Vibe Man

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    Default 2009 Vibe Man

    I have a Pontiac 2009 Vibe, the current Haynes manual covers 2003 -2008, does anyone know when the 2009 year might be added to this manual? Or is the 2008 vibe all that different from the 2009 so I could use the 2008 manual for now?

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    Hello nic56,

    Unfortunately, we do not have a Haynes Manual for your model year Vibe and there is no projected publishing date at this time. Because of the vehicle's rising popularity, it is highly likely that we will publish a manual in the future. Please check our website from time to time to see if we have added coverage for the vehicle. We can't recommend our current Haynes Pontiac Vibe manual edition for your particular model year.

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