hello to all haynes techs. once again i'm running into a slight dilemma working on my car. i have manual 92036, and I hit a pothole recently and now my driver side strut mount support is beginning to crack. the struts (all 4 of them) are only 2 years old, so this morning i took out the strut with my impact gun and replaced the strut mount with a new one and new piston rod nut. that went fine. i had an impossible time torquing down the strut to steering knuckle nuts to the absurd 203 ft lbs torque spec as per your manual states. i'm not a big guy and because of the angle, i'm actually pushing the torque wrench UP. i got to 170 ft lbs and could not get any tighter even using antiseize on the bolt threads. would it be better if i just hold the NUTS and tighten the BOLTS down instead? that way i'd be pulling and not pushing , thus having more leverage. or should i just put loctite thread locking compund on the threads and leave it at 170 ft lbs? i cant imagine them coming loose at that spec of 170, but nobody is around to help me. what do you suggest? your input is kindly appreciated gentlemen.