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Thread: 2002 ford windstar brake bleeding

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    Default 2002 ford windstar brake bleeding

    I recently did a brake repair job on my 2002 ford windstar which included changing my rear wheel cylinders and master cylinder. I bench bled the master cylinder prior to placing it on the van and then gravity bled the system acording to the Haynes manual and then bled the system in the usual way.The brakes still feel spongy. It is ABS equipped and the instructions according to the Haynes maual (36097) was somewhat vague on the bleeding procedure. It says to start with the wheel nearest the master cylinder, loosen the bleeder screw, pump the brakes slowly 25 times then retighten the screw before proceding to the next wheel. It would seem like it would draw air into the bleeder screw if it is not tightened before pumping the brakes. Is the information from the manual correct? Do you have any other suggestions? thanks

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    Hello jjkbaed,

    Actually, you only draw air when the brake reservior gets low on fluid or other complications... It is noteworthy to mention that the "ABS-equpped models" section sub-heading is where you start for your ABS equipped vehicle (Step 16). Also, there is a note at the end of the section stating that the brakes may still feel spongy and that professional assistance may be necessary. There is also a warning about driving the vehicle. Try bleeding again starting from Step 16 and see if you have a better outcome.

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