I have an '01 Pt Cruiser A/T 2.4L. Over the last year I have replaced the alternator, the battery (twice), and the starter. Each time I have had to do this it was because the car simply did not start, and most of the time in the most inconvenient places after previously running. As of 4 weeks ago my a/c (and heat) quit working. Shortly after this I started hearing a slightly muffled sound similar to a coffee can with paper clips in it when ever the car was running. I think this has to do with the compressor? Then five days ago the car decided to once again not start (while it was in metered parking) and it now sits in my driveway. Charging doesn't work and the starter has been checked.When it refuses to start it acts as if the battery is dead and it doesn't even start to turn over. Any ideas on what the issues could be?