I have a '97 Nissan 200sx (ga16det) with 140k miles, that stalled out while I was driving and will not start. It cranks, has spark, just installed a new fuel pump and has pressure (after the filter), and all fuses are fine. I have the Haynes manual for this car and it says to test the crankshaft position sensor. Chapter 6-18; paragraph 71 = "Working on on the harness side of the electrical connector, check for reference voltage to the sensor with the ignition key ON (engine not running). Voltage should be approximately 5.0 volts. Also check for a good ground at terminal 2 (see illustration)."

It does not say what to do if you do NOT get the voltage required. The internet has been no help at all either. I've been told to check everything from the MAF to my exhaust. I have used two different voltmeters and I receive a reading of 0.01 volts. The ground is fine as well. The car ran great up until this point and I've literally run around the whole car and cannot find any other issue than this. Can anyone give me a logical answer as to what to do? I can't be the first person to run into this problem.