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Thread: 98 nissan sentra head gasket Trouble

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    Default 98 nissan sentra head gasket Trouble

    The Haynes book seems to leave out some details when replacing the head gasket. I Have almost everything off, that needs to be off. Im at the Point of TDC, I want to make sure I Have everything in place before i start taking of the timing chain. How do i know im at TDC for sure? I have the Pully aligned with the Pointer so I assume the piston is in TDC. Do i mark the Chain? Can you please give me the steps necessary to remove the head? I have already removed intake manifold, exhaust manifold, power steering pump, valve cover, spark plugs, oil... Its time to take off the chain can you lead me?

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    Hello kobe3006,

    The information that you need is found in Sections 3 and 7 in Chapter 2A of your manual. Good luck with your project.

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