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Thread: 96 Honda Civic

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    Default 96 Honda Civic

    hi am using the Hanes manual to take my manual transaxle off and in the book it says to "loosen" the drive axle bolt but why am i only loosening it, it never says to tkake the drive axle out or the bolt off anywhere.

    and side note....

    ...any tips on how to get a transaxle seperated from the block that has been caked on their for 240k+ miles. and i cant remove the elbow piipe for the exhaust that goes under the oil pan. the bolts are rusted and stripped/

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    Hello t-leclair,

    Our procedures have you loosen the driveaxle hub nut because conditions are better at the beginning stages. It is harder to do with the vehicle up in the air (with hand tools)... With regard to difficult fasteners, penetrating fluid can be used sometimes. In severe cases, the fasteners simply must be cut off. This has to be done in a way that does not cause harm to the components that they are attached to. As you may have already guessed, it is easier to work on an engine that has been cleaned. You might consider doing this while major components are still installed. It is recommended.

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