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Thread: odd clunking sound in honda passport

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    Default odd clunking sound in honda passport

    my dad owns a 96 honda passport with a 3.2.L v6, the other day he went to go to work and started it up and he claims there wa a very rapid clunking sound coming from the engine and he shut it off and stasrted it up again and the noise did not return for awhile after driving, ive personally never heard the sound, but he claims its metallic sounding and hes not sure if its coming from the top of the engine or the lower part of the block, any advice on what to look for?

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    Hello unforgiven,

    Engine noises like the one described are never a good thing... Advice: have a mechanic's stethoscope handy at the next cold start and be ready to scamper about to try and isolate the noise. Check the basics with regard to fluids to make certain that those are not a factor.

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