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Thread: 2.4 liter motor--- PLEASE HELP!!

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    Default 2.4 liter motor--- PLEASE HELP!!

    I just bought a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am with what was supposed to be a 2.3 Quad Four engine, but after 2 weeks of owning it and it now is having some minor problems, as I check out the enigine I find that it is a 2.4 liter. Of course I bought a brand new manual the other day and to my surprise it shows NOTHING about a 2.4 liter motor. So PLEASE, if any one has ANY knowledge about this, PLEASE HELP!! My main concern is how do I find the code stamped in the block?? I am looking to find what year this particular motor is, and what kind of car it came from! Please post ANY suggestions!! THANK YOU!!

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    Hi adl,

    In 1997 the only two engines offered in the Grand Am were the 3.1L V6 and the 2.4L four cylinder. On your VIN plate at the lower left corner of the dashboard (visible through the windshield), the 8th character should be a T (if it had the V6, the 8th character would be an M).

    The Haynes manual includes the 2.4L engine - it's in Chapter 2B, combined with the 2.3L engine. The location of the engine I.D. number (stamped on the block) is shown on page 0-5.

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