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Thread: jeep starts then dies "No Bus" 8" in odometer.

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    Default jeep starts then dies "No Bus" 8" in odometer.

    2000 jeep cherokee 4x4 automatic
    Not in manual's trouble shoot guide. It starts then dies with "No Bus" in odometer, bad key and check engine.

    It usually happenes in high humidity. It usually went away if I rev the engine. Ocassionally killed the motor in park, but would let the motor run if it occured while moving. Now It continously kills the motor and wont go away. My jeep has been stuck in the drive way for a week.

    When it occured while driving down the road, it would stop telling me speed and tack. While saying
    "No bus" and improper key and after sometime check engine, sometimes it told me nothing on the dash no power, oil, tack speed ect. Except no bus and bad key and check engine..

    I carried a computer with me and plugged it in when it occured and it simply said possibly a problem with bus fuse.....real helpful. The error codes go away after the issue fixes itself. ....No longer fixing itself. :/

    Please help. This is the first time your book has failed me.

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    Hi ssetzer75,

    There are a number of diagnostic trouble codes related to the instrument cluster, SKIM (Smart Key Immobilizer module) and the Body Control module. These components all "talk" to each other and, unfortunately, the diagnostic procedures are all based on the use of a factory scan tool (consumer-grade scan tools won't work). If you let us know what codes were set, we can tell you the definition of the code, but as I mentioned about the diagnostics, that's about all we can do.

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