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    Sunroof - Pontiac 2002 Sunfire

    I have a Pontiac 2002 Sunfire with a power sunroof. Today it opened okay and now will not close. I have checked the fuses and they are okay. I can hear a faint clicking noise when I press the open/close button but nothing moves. The area I am living in is expecting heavy rains tomorrow and I would like to get this closed, needless to say. Any suggestions on how to close this sunroof? I bought a Haynes manual but it doesn't even mention sunroofs.

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    Hello randalls,

    These mechanisms can be a bit touchy sometimes... and because of the complexity of these systems, Haynes recommends professional assistance regarding service on them. Here's a couple of links that may be very helpful:


    www.alldatadiy.com (http://www.alldatadiy.com) (for factory testing and repair procedures).

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