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Thread: need some help

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    Default need some help

    2 questions

    1. i have a 97 mercury sable leaking water/antifreeze. i thought it was the water pump and changed that out. what a pain. afte getting it back together we notice the area directly behind the water pump beading up. what is that? meaning what is connected to the backside of the water pump. not what you seal it to.

    2. where can i get a downloadable car repair manual?


    ps its the water pump with 11 bolts. i forget exact engine at the moment

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    Hmm, assuming it's the 3.0L OHC engine, it could be the gasket between the front cover and cylinder block that's leaking.

    At this time we don't off any electronic service information. That may change in the near future, so keep checking back with us.

    Thanks for your interest in Haynes manuals.

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