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Thread: 92 Honda-Keeping her Clean

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    Smile 92 Honda-Keeping her Clean

    I bought a 92 honda accord for college. I was naive about cars when I got her so she isn't in the best shape. I don't regret the purchase at all because even though she sat for a long time she put up with a lot from me.

    My problem is this. She hasn't seen maintenance for a while because she sat for a long time and her engine bay is very dirty. I am starting to see spots in the car that are covered in dry oil and black dirt. I want to clean the engine bay but am not sure how without ruining anything. What is the best way to approach a clean up?

    Thank YOU!

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    Hi Ozzy,

    There are several products available at auto parts stores for cleaning engine compartments. Follow the directions on the can. The only thing you really have to worry about is not getting water in the distributor (you can cover it up with a plastic bag).

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