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Thread: 97 toyota camry ign fuse under dashbord keeps blowing

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    Default 97 toyota camry ign fuse under dashbord keeps blowing

    I started the car ran for 2 or 3 seconds then died. Now it blows the ign fuse as soon as turn the key to the on position. I've done alot of troubleshooting already and I cannot figure this one out. My haynes manual dose not get to detailed in this field.

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    Hi Jeff,

    You'll have to work with the wiring diagrams in the back of your Haynes manual. Problems like this can be tough to track down, and the best way to go about trying to find a short is to install a circuit breaker (available at most auto parts stores) in place of the fuse and unplug components in the circuit that is protected by that fuse; when the component or part of the circuit that is causing the problem is disconnected, the circuit breaker will stop popping and you'll know where to concentrate your efforts. Good luck!

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